Jami Van Alstine

I am a  Michigander and near life-long Wayne County resident.  I am also a proud alum of Wayne County Community College District and Wayne State University (Go Warriors!) and a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor society.  I hold a Baccalaureate of Arts in Anthropology from Oregon State University and a Master of Arts in Historical Archaeology from WSU.  I have worked in Information Technology supporting Michigan's automotive industry for over 20 years.  I am running as a non-partisan candidate for County Commission - 11th District because I care deeply about the opportunities, well-being, and issues important to people in our communities.

With so many in our communities impacted by COVID-19 we need to rethink how we zone, regulate, and invest in our infrastructure and services by focusing on the best ways to serve the communities needs without burdening some or privileging the few.  We need a strong advocate for oversight; ensuring justice is applied equally and that our ordinances, regulations, and enforcement serve to strengthen our communities and not divide them.  We need to ensure that our money is spent in our communities and in-service to us, giving priority to the most critical needs in these trying times. We need leaders that are willing to consider the issues, listen to the community, apply creative solutions, and work toward consensus. It is not the time to support the status quo and continue business as usual.  It is a time to give you the focus!  It is time to give the power back to you!

I am that advocate. I am that leader. I am here and I am ready to work on your behalf.



Working for you

Economic Development

Everyone Counts

Now more than ever we need a focus on business and community development programs, affordable housing opportunities and land use planning that both serves and is responsive to business and community members.

Public Safety, Judiciary & Homeland Security

Everyone Has a Stake

With the rising call for policing and criminal justice reform we need to focus on new and creative ways to keep our neighborhoods safe while ensuring accountability at all levels of County government.

Public Services

Model for Michigan

A real focus on finding ways to maintain and improve the condition and safety of our county's roads and bridges, and maintenance of our parks and recreation so that we can go about the business of life.

Health & Human Services

Keeping Our Community Healthy

Being prepared to deal with health crises when they arise and a continued focus on the general and public health for all of our community members including veterans, seniors, and children is critical.  Healthy individuals lead to healthier communities.



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Speaking at Jo Jorgensen campaign stop in Detroit on 09/28/2020


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